Monday, 4 April 2011


Within the written New Testament, Mary's significance is seen as subordinate, and yet she continues to stand her ground. .  

As the inviolate vessel for the Christian's God's holy 'word'; she  bears the 'Christ child' 

Yet she finds her self standing on the side lines, between the Father and the Son - a Liminal figure.

 Hidden, but in Plain Sight 

Her image in art, literature and film used to develop an unobtainable ideal, a representation of the  subjugated 'Goddess' from the pre-Christian era.
Desexualised, powerless a submissive vessel to an All powerful Male Diety

Yet she bides her time. her image constant- watching and waiting .

Centuries of silent adoration , when she steps out form the shadows for a moment as


This blog will also look at those images that subvert and challenge the idea and ask what they can offer and why they disturb

On the journey I hope to show you images of the Goddess, how she has been concealed, hidden disguised, covered up and censored - but how she has never been forgotten 

Back to Basics

Well I have tried and failed to get some kind of web sites sorted out...

A couple of friends have kindly offered to help and build them for me, but as it is their day to day job, and things as they are, paid work comes first- which I completely understand, and so I must wait. 

As I am not patient person  - Patience is a Virtue or so they say, but sadly one I missed when they were handing them out.  So I did try and have had a go.  Many years ago I did complete and pass a Dreamweaver course, yet somehow all memories of how to do it have fallen out of my head - along with the ability to understand basic instruction. I blame the menopause!

So for the moment, I am going to start using my blogs for what I initially intended. if at some point I actually manage to get the web pages up and running then I can always transfer or link back to the work I am putting on here and my other blogs

This blog, initially, was intended for my Thesis, where I hoped to share my work, and  images I found along the way, which were of some interest to me and my 'work'.*

I have posted some of the images I have collected previously, but very little words on who what and where and what I feel that they say. 

However, I have a week off work, and am bored, so feel that I will start to have a play, perhaps re- hash, - oppppps – I mean edit some of my work.  It's always good to come back and have another look.  I am also going to be brave and post some of my initial papers/research... and see what happens.**

So where to start?

My thesis was titled The Characterisation of Mary the Mother of Jesus, in Contemporary Film,[c. 2000].**   However, unless you watch the films or are a religious film buff[nut] then much of what I say would have little relevance for you, so I am going to widen the project to look at many different kinds of images of  Mary.  That is, images of her from Art, classical and contemporary; from film, and popular culture.  

I want to talk about how the image of this iconic 1st CE Woman were used initally to replace the female aspect of the Divine, of the pre-Christian Goddess, and to attempt to wipe her face from the map so to speak, particularly in Western Culture;  I also want to discuss how those images of an untouchable and unobtainable idealised woman were used to hide, conceal and keep secret what continued to be worship of a Matriarchal within a Patriarchal society.  

I am really interested in how the representation of the Goddess of the pre-Christian era can be seen to be traceable in these images and what I beleive that says about the need within 'our' Western psyche to attribute to a Divine both male and female aspects and personality.

And finally I want to look at that 'image' and discuss how it can and how it has been subverted and somewhat reclaimed. How it is now used in popular and contemporary culture, as well as within sub cultures.

I am a feminist, and therefore shall be looking through a feminist lens at these images, and while I can understand and at times appreciate the initial/historical idea behind them, it will of course be filtered by my own experiences and life choices.

 I don't want to make it too wordy- I can talk believe you me... and so to spare you to many words.. and my waffle - I shall use lots of images, and hopefully video to make my point.  I don't expect people to agree with me, and would be great if people that don't tell me why [ as long as it's not abusive], as that's how we learn.  Well that's how I learn... I love to discuss!

And some of the images I have may be somewhat disturbing to some... but again I value and welcome discussion.  

There are a few logistics to sort out - i.e how I footnote/reference etc., I find Harvard [1] really annoying and it interrupts my flow, so I shall use numbers in brackets [1], and then pop the info on the bottom of the blog if that is ok. 

That's enough of this for now....

*ok 'work' may not be how some people look at it, but believe you me it took a lot of my time and life...

** I just want, and sadly need, to say that all work here is under copy write [c] to myself - Shullie H Porter.  Where I have used other people's work, ideas and images I will always note and give references etc.If I do miss some information and you do know who the work belongs to, please let me know as soon as possible and I will make sure that it is annoted.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Now the paint's finally dry - here are a few of my collection of Madonnas

Just a few.... words to come later . but wanted something here, to each image fascinates me and says so much about how our culture, and individuals ( and occasions other cultures...) view the Madonna....  I think i will come back and edit it with words about each piece at a later date.. as well as adding more. What do you think, what do these images say to you??

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Blows away the cobwebs.....

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm need to get the broom our here and maybe the dusters... a touch of paint and it'll be like new... and then perhaps we can hang some pictures... oh and a few words...